Make your home really smart

Smart Home sensors from homeo let’s you monitor your home from your mobile.

Rethink SMART

Home sensors, connected to the cloud.

Check the temperature, humidity, if there’s a water leakage, the door is open… The possibilities are endless. With automations you can trigger one Smart Home device, upon anothers information. Set the siren alarm, if your homeo camera captures movement, while you’re not at home. Can you imagine all the possibilities this gives you for a smarter home?


Indoor and outdoor sirens from 85dB to 110dB can be activated when other devices activate it. Typically window/door sensors or motions sensors activate sirens. Multiple sirens can be activated at the same time.

Door/window sensor

Mount small discrete sensors at the edge of your doors and windows, and get notified when status changes. They can detect if sensors are open or closed.

Smoke alarm

The most discrete and thin smoke detector is by homeo. When smoke is detected, a high 95dB siren will alert you alongside with an app notification. In alarm state you can activate other decices such as lights or sirens.

Temperature and humidity

Monitor the temperature and humidity in your rooms, and get notified of certain levels. Helps your indoor climate.

Gas alarm

Detects gasleakage, and notifies you with 95dB siren and app-notification. Activate other devices such as lights and sirens.

Water leakage sensor

Detect and get notified if there is fluid liquid at the floor. Builtin siren and get notified in the app.

PIR sensor

The motion sensors effectively detects motion and alerts you, and lets you activate several other homeo devices. The easiest way to detect motion, with battery sensors and plugged-in sensors with anti-theft sensor. Make your home intelligent.

Small and smart

Blend in…

Sensors from homeo blends in. No need for big black electronic housing. Beutifully designed white plastic materials capsule the smll sensors. Small but yet powerfull.

Get smart now
Simple is best

Small, nice and powerfull

Be safe with security sensors from homeo. The design is small and discrete, but powerfull and secure. Smoke sensors secures you and your home. Place as many as you want, and get warned on your mobile.

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Smart since 2017

homeo sensors are here to stay, and everyday we are working on innovation that helps you achieve a smarter home. We call it inteligent living.