“Why can’t a camera just look nice? We at homeo made this happen! Design and Smart Home, beatifully combined.”

homeo cameras are packed with features

All of our cameras are Full HD (1080P). All with night vision, wide angle, flip screen option, sd card recording, speakers, microphone, motion detection, you name it! We thought of all the features, and we are always working on improving for a smarter home.

Cube design camera

When design actually matters. This camera has a different and stylish cube design, which makes the camera blend in or stand out. Motorised vertical and horizontal directly from you mobile.

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Cameras shouldn’t be big and clumsy. This white and stylish looking camera with its blank black surface, is the fit for any modern home. The flexible mount, it can be placed on any shelf or even in the ceiling.

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Mini design camera

Drop shaped camera

Why look like everyone else? This drop shaped camera is its own. Our most fair priced camera, but still fully packed with functions and features. The flexible mount lets you put the camera everywhere. Even upside down.

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